Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My story. How I started making Felted Wool Slippers and Shoes. With the musical surprise at the end

In my Profile on my Etsy shop you can read the full my story how and when I started making Felted Wool Slippers. But I think the story is not so interesting without the pictures. So today I find more free time (slippers are drying) to publish my story with the pictures.

So lets start !

The wool felting came into my life only about a year ago (in 2011) when I was visiting my countryside.
/here are some pictures from my wonderfully green the middle of Lithuania, Europe/

Once I entered the attic of the house, opened the my great-grandmother's antique chest and saw clouds of old gray wool. The spinning wheel was standing beside it. 

My Dad remembers his childhood when he wore very warm felted shoes made ​​by his grandmother. My Dad's stories have inspired me. From this it all began :) 

Musical surprise!
And at the end I invite you to listen to the Lithuanian folk dance music performed with my Dad playing the bandoneon. 

My Dad playing the Bandoneon

Waiting for your comments :)