Monday, 14 September 2015

Fall in Love with Linen Dresses - Washed Linen Dress With Side Pockets & Loose Fit.

Fall in Love with Linen Dresses - Washed and Soft Linen Dress With Side Pockets & Loose Fit. You Choose from beautiful 5 Colors of Linen Dress and 4 Lengths of Sleeve.

Choose your favorite and trendy color for your linen dress. 5 Colors of warm and Soft Linen Dress:
- Radiant Orchid
- Lavender Fog
- Yellow Sand
- Paloma (light grey)
- Pyrate Black (black)

5 Colors of warm and Soft Linen Dress

4 Lengths of Sleeve. You CHOOSE!
- Without Sleeves
- Short Sleeves
 -3/4 Sleeves
- Long Sleeves

Black  (Pyrate Black) Linen Dress -  Washed and Soft Linen Dress Black - 4 Sleeve Styles - Loose Fitting Dress - Side Pockets Dress - Japanese Style Linen Dress

Black Linen Dress

Lavender Fog - Lavender Dress - Washed Linen Dress Lavender Mist - 4 Styles of Sleeve - Loose Fitting Dress - Side Pockets Dress - Japanese Style Linen Dress Relaxed Style
Lavender Fog - Lavender Dress

Radiant Orchid Dresses. Washed Linen Dress Plum Orchid Loose Fitting Dress - Side Pockets Dress - Women's Linen Dress - Relaxed Dress - Linen Dress

Radiant Orchid Dresses.

*urban trendy Casual Fashion in relaxed style
*everyday outfit
*relaxed waist, oversize dress, loose dress
*dropped waist dress
*side seam pockets
*with the minimalist pleat on the right side
*below the knee length
*can be worn as maternity dress also

* Material - 100% Washed Soft Light Weight Pure Linen
* Made from Pre-Washed Linen Fabric. This means that your Garment will Not Strech & Shrink after washing. Doesn't shrink anymore
*Machine washable max 30C or 86F
*Made by hand in Lithuania (Europe)

Soft Linen Dress Sizes

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Christmas in July - Womens Slippers - Mens Clogs - Kids Boots - 30 % OFF SALE

CHRISTMAS in JULY -30% OFF SALE - Wool Felted Slippers and Felt Boots 

Kick off your holiday shopping at with our Christmas in July Sale.
All through July, enjoy low Sale Prices on a variety of wool felted slippers, wool boots, kids boots, holiday items and great gifts. This Sale ends 31 July.
30% OFF sale - CHRISTMAS in JULY - Wool Felted Slippers / Felted Boots / Wool Clogs


Women's wool felted slippers with contrast rubber sole for Outdoors.
Mix and Match the Contrast Color Rubber Sole (10 colors)

Women's Felt slippers, Women's felted clogs, Women's House shoes

CHRISTMAS in JULY Womens Felt Slippers - Mothers Day Gifts - Marsala / Burgundy - Rubber Sole - Color Blocking - Winter Fashion - Womens slippers
CHRISTMAS in JULY On Sale - Womens Felt Slippers- Mothers Day Gift - Gift ideas - Mint Pastel Green - House Shoes / Slipper - Wool Clogs

CHRISTMAS in JULY Womens Felt Slippers - Mothers Day Gifts - Charcoal Grey - Cozy Slippeers - Winter Fashion - Womens slippers - Womens Size

CHRISTMAS in JULY - Women's Wool Felted slippers Red Rubber sole - for Outwdoors - House Shoes for Her - Wedding Gift - Womens Gifts - Cold Feet

Women's felted Clogs Mules with contrast color rubber sole for Outdoors.

CHRISTMAS in JULY BIG Sale. Low Back Cork Sole Felted wool Slippers Grey Green . Made to Order. Women's sizes. Custom colors

CHRISTMAS in JULY Felt Slippers Green Bright Pink Color Rubber Soled Custom Women Slippers 10 color Options Rubber Sole Color Block Slippers


Men'S Felt SlipperS, Men's Wool Boots, Men's Felt Clogs SALE 30% off

CHRISTMAS in JULY Men's House Shoes Felt Slippers 100% Wool Shoes All sizes Made to Order Shoes

CHRISTMAS in JULY BIG Sale. Mens Felt Slippers Rubber Soled Charcoal. Non Slip Outdoor Indoor. Eco Friendly. Men's sizes

CHRISTMAS in JULY BIG Sale. Eco Felt Slippers Brown Grey with Cork Sole. Men's felt slipper half sizes

CHRISTMAS in JULY BIG Sale. Mens Gifts for the Office. Felt Slippers Blue Grey with Sole Grey color. Outdoor Indoor. In Case of Cold Feet

CHRISTMAS in JULY Kids Felt Boots - Custom Color Boots - Contrast Color Rubber Sole Boots - 30 Color Felt Boot - Mix and Match Colors - Cust


Monday, 12 January 2015

Color Meaning of Felt Wool Slippers

Choose and Mix the Felt Wool Slipper Colors Depending Who You Are and How Do You Feel! The colors of felt wool slippers and wool shoes could attract attention without having to say a word.
Check these colors on FeltWoolSlippers shop!

Main colors meanings:
BLACK – powerful, elegant, mysterious
WHITE– pure, perfect, new beginning 
GREY – stable, mature, responsible
GREEN – relaxing, harmonious, healthy
BLUE, LIGHT BLUE – trustworthy, peaceful, intelligent
PURPLE, VIOLET – royal, luxury, spiritual
RED, ROSE– passionate, energetic, loving
BROWN– traditional, friendly, safe
ORANGE – creative, enthusiastic, adventurous
YELLOW – optimistic, happy, warmth

TURQUOISE – communicable, stress-free, inspirational