Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hand felted Collection THE BLUE

Hand felted rug blanket with butterfly cut outs.

Find this item on my Etsy store.

It was made from the 8 layers of wool

The rug is the first item from my new wool felted collection
IN BLUE. You can purchase them on my Etsy store: www.ekohaus.etsy.com 

With its beautiful cut outs of butterflies, this Blue rug is a beautiful piece of eco-design which will add color to your home. 

How the collection IN BLUE was born please visit my Blog: http://ekohausstore.blogspot.com
You'll find more pictures than words ;)

About 8 mm (0.31 inches ) thick 
You can also use this rug as the baby blanket, because it is very warm, fluffy and soft. 

Therefore, it is advisable have this rug to your grandmother or grandfather, because it lower back pain. 
It is also recommended for people with rheumatic diseases.

• Fully handmade by me
• Eco-friendly
• 100% wool felt
• Colour: Blue

• Dimensions in cm: 72 x 50 cm and 8 mm thick
• Dimensions in inches: 28.3 x 19.7 inches x 0.31" thick

Things to know about wool:
* Wool provides micro massage, which improves blood circulation;
* Wool is excellent protection from the cold and the heat;
* Allows the skin to breath;
* Absorbs the moisture.
* Wool is a high quality product, created by nature. 

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Monday, 25 October 2010

Here starts THE BLUE FELTED collection

How the THE  BLUE FELTED collection was born in my mind.

The concept.

Autumn. In progress.  Cold. Morning.
Remembering.  Natural warmth.
Like the wool. Summer. Warming. Nature. Green. Blue. Everywhere.
Going on the newborn grass. Swans in the lake. Sitting butterfly.
Gray. Soft sea wave. Cloudless. Blue again.

Coming soon all handmade and felted by me:

1. Blue butterflies. Felted rug or baby blanket.
2. Blue shoes. Indoor footwear for men.
3. Blue shoes. Indoor footwear for ladies.

Let us begin! LETS SHARE !

Hello :)
As I have mentioned on my EKO HAUS Etsy store , I like the photography and making pictures by myself.
I like doing it much more than writing stories... And the thing I like the most is to blab :)

First of all I like to try various things doing by myself. So, I have a lot of information and web links about wool felting, bag and purses patterns (free PDF's), about new fashion trends, fashion accessories, fashion details and etc. In my blog I want to share crafts lessons available online. Also to share cute, stylish and interesting items found on the internet. I love bright colors, art and anything else created by hand. These things that inspire me... I'll be delighted if they inspire creativity and help you create a nicer environment.

I'm redesigning clothes and to creating various fashion things from the wool. I draw on fashion ideas from nature, from it's colors and moods. All my handmade things are associated with photos I made.

Now I'm making the new collection in blue: felt rug with blue butterflies, felted slippers to her and him. But yesterday I hacked the needle, so my works stopped a little bit.

Blue Felted rug. 100% wool. Handmade by myself from wool. Not finished yet.
My black cat sat down on it for a second. 

I look forward to your comments very much!  Please write what style you like or dislike.
Thanks :)

At the first take a look at my Wedding Cake Topper - pair of white Swans :)
I have married on last month, on September :) So, still I'm a festive mood...