Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cork Sole for my Felted Slipper Outdoor Indoor Non Slip Lightweight Flexible Waterproof. Handcrafted. Unisex, Womens and Mens - $10.00

Cork Sole Korken Sohle for Felted Wool Slippers. Water proof skid resistant cork sole are durable enough for all day walking Outside or inside the House.

- Waterproof, Super Flexible, Practically No Weight, Comfortable

- Thickness 6mm or 0.2 in

- Not slippery. Water resistant. Long lasting.



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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Eye-catching Shoes with Neon Yellow Sole

Handmade to order Yellow Sole Felt Wool Shoes Black.
Women's sizes.

Yellow Soled Natural Felt Wool Shoes Black Lemon. Outdoor Indoor.

Thanks for looking!

How I was trying to make the art from my Felted Slippers:)

These slippers were handmade by me and were sent to Australia this week.
Set of five pairs - three pairs in dark grey felted slippers and two pairs in apple green color.
Have a look at the photos I made myself!

The first picture is very beautiful for me :)


and more more more ! ;D

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Sample sale!
 52 USD. Sample Sale US 8. 

 55 USD. Sample Sale US 8. 

55 usd SAMPLE SALE. US 7. 

Felted Slippers Eco Friendly White Daisy with 2 Flowers. Womens size

Sample Sale. size US 7. USD 55. 

Felt Wool Slippers Red White Flowers. WOMENS size


Sample SALE! Felted wool Slippers ready to ship. 52-55 USD. Women's sizes 7 and 8 US