Friday, 30 September 2011

Felted Slipper Shoes Color Block with RED OutSoles

Felted Slipper Shoes Color Block with RED OutSoles

Made from natural soft New Zealand's wool.

Comfy felted shoes with FLEXIBLE, COMFORTABLE WATERPROOF red rubber OUT SOLES.

Two colors: Gray grey charcoal outside and yellow gold amber lemon citrus inside.
Sole - red.
Because of Flexible, Light, Non slippery rubber Soles, my felted slippers can be worn outdoors without the fear of get wet or tear. 

All Women's sizes. Custom made in 5 days

Color Block - Black Purple - Felted Soft Slippers Shoes with colorful sole

Color block Felted slippers in Black with Purple Violet Orchid color WATERPROOF OUTSOLE. 

Handmade SOFT Felted wool shoes. Fits perfect, natural wool shoes for autumn white winter. 100% satisfaction, Near Ankle, Round Toe, Soft natural wool. Custom made. Minimalistic simple style. Women's sizes. International Fast shipping.

Indoor Outdoor.