Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Felted shoes Black and White

Hi all,

Do you like Black color? Or do you like White?
A Few days ago I made these felted shoes. Which ones you prefer ?

White Steps / Easy wool felted slippers

Dark Black Berry / Felted slippers for Her / Custom sizes

... Looking at these pictures I'm dreaming about new camera....Pictures are not good, although the items are great and looking great....What to do?


Felted shoes in Bright colors. New models for autumn winter 2011

Uhh... I'm still making the order....3 pairs of slippers.... (1. felted slippers grey with green, 2. felted slippers grey with yellow and 3. one more pair felted slippers grey with green)....uhhhh.....
:) But I like making. This is like meditation, when I put my good minds in them or just thinking about people who will wear them... :)
This morning remembered that I forgot my blog.
So, here are some new items - bright colors.


Felted house shoes / Grey Yellow Fashion / 2in1 slippers

MINIMALISTic UNIsex HANDFELTED wool shoes. New model. Gray. Super Soft and Thin shoes / Can be made in 2 days

Walking in the Woods / 2in1 slippers / Easy wool felted


Red POPPY with Flower Broches / Easy felted wool shoes / 2in1 slippers



Do not forget, I'm making felted shoes in Men's Giant sizes. These in dark grey is best-seller.