Thursday, 5 April 2012

How I was trying to make the art from my Felted Slippers:)

These slippers were handmade by me and were sent to Australia this week.
Set of five pairs - three pairs in dark grey felted slippers and two pairs in apple green color.
Have a look at the photos I made myself!

The first picture is very beautiful for me :)


and more more more ! ;D

Thank you for looking!
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 52 USD. Sample Sale US 8. 

 55 USD. Sample Sale US 8. 

55 usd SAMPLE SALE. US 7. 

Felted Slippers Eco Friendly White Daisy with 2 Flowers. Womens size

Sample Sale. size US 7. USD 55. 

Felt Wool Slippers Red White Flowers. WOMENS size