Thursday, 27 September 2012

How to make felted slippers

All my felted wool slippers are made from Highest  Quality Pure Wool. I'm making them from pure dyed and undyed wool. 
My felted slippers are NOT knitted and then boiled in the hot water. 

Yellow Color Sole Felted Wool Shoes Red Gray. Indoors Outdoors Non Slip.
All sizes for Ladies. Made to Order

I am using the other technique of making them  - the wet felting when slippers are made from wool tops - "wool clouds". I do use only eco friendly olive oil soap and hot water. The process takes bout 1-2 working days and then the slippers are drying.

Yellow Color Sole Felted Wool Shoes Banana. Rubber Sole Non Slip. Indoors Outdoors. Women's sizes. 

I am making slippers with long lasting, non slippery outsole which I do handcraft from special rubber or cork material. The color sole could be fixed on my felted wool slippers.

Red Color Sole Felt Wool Shoes Gray Yellow. Non Slip Outdoors Indoors. In case of Cold Feet.
Custom made. Womens.
See you!