Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cool Unique Handmade Shoes and Felt Slippers For Women with Floral Felt Flowers

Hi! Spring is coming. I already missed colorful fields that are full of flowers... mmm...
Here I have put together the collection of Floral Original Handmade Felted Slippers and Trendy Fresh Color Shoes with Non Slip Sole - For Women :)

Cool Handmade Felt Shoes with Felt Flowers and with Non Slip  Contrast Color Sole for Her. 
Women's sizes. Made to order. Click here to visit Ekohaus.etsy.com

Womens sizes

Custom made WOMENS sizes

Attention Please ! The Colorful Non Slip Sole can be Fixed to all my felted slippers! You can MIX and MATCH the Sole Color for my Slippers :)
The Sole is handcrafted by me from Flexible, Non Slip, Waterproof, Long Lasting and FRESH COLOR RUBBER.

BLACK Color Sole for Slippers
RED Sole for my felted Slippers 

Trendy Felt Slippers with Floral Flowers Accents for Her. 
Women's sizes. Made to order. Click here to visit ekohaus.etsy.com

Custom made. Womens sizes

Custom made.

Custom made WOMENS sizes.

Custom made WOMENS

Custom made for WOMENS

Custom made. Front page on ETSY. WOMENS

Thanks for looking!