Monday, 25 October 2010

Let us begin! LETS SHARE !

Hello :)
As I have mentioned on my EKO HAUS Etsy store , I like the photography and making pictures by myself.
I like doing it much more than writing stories... And the thing I like the most is to blab :)

First of all I like to try various things doing by myself. So, I have a lot of information and web links about wool felting, bag and purses patterns (free PDF's), about new fashion trends, fashion accessories, fashion details and etc. In my blog I want to share crafts lessons available online. Also to share cute, stylish and interesting items found on the internet. I love bright colors, art and anything else created by hand. These things that inspire me... I'll be delighted if they inspire creativity and help you create a nicer environment.

I'm redesigning clothes and to creating various fashion things from the wool. I draw on fashion ideas from nature, from it's colors and moods. All my handmade things are associated with photos I made.

Now I'm making the new collection in blue: felt rug with blue butterflies, felted slippers to her and him. But yesterday I hacked the needle, so my works stopped a little bit.

Blue Felted rug. 100% wool. Handmade by myself from wool. Not finished yet.
My black cat sat down on it for a second. 

I look forward to your comments very much!  Please write what style you like or dislike.
Thanks :)

At the first take a look at my Wedding Cake Topper - pair of white Swans :)
I have married on last month, on September :) So, still I'm a festive mood...